The POPCLIK warranty on electronic and non-electronic components remains in effect for one year from the date of purchase.


If your product broke for no good reason, like sound suddenly stops coming out or you’re not able to charge or connect them thru Bluetooth, then it may be a manufacturer defect. Please contact us at info@popclik.com , tell us what happened, and we will send you delivery instructions, please do not send any accessories or packaging, just the broken unit, you must provide proof of purchase with your shipment. One’s we receive them, we will send them to our technical department just to verify that they don’t have any malfunctioning because of something the user did, visible damages, humidity, breakup on any part or any other non-manufacturing defect. Once your warranty claim has been processed and verified, we will send you a completely new unit or in his defect a different color or a superior model, to the Address provided by the customer. If the technical department determines that the product malfunction is caused by the user, your warranty will not be longer valid and the client will have to pay for the shipping return in case he wants it back.


The exchange warranty is valid only for USA territory, for other countries please contact your local distributor.