“Our passion has always been music. It fascinates us to see the positive affect the good sounds produces, and influences your state of mind at any time of the day.


Pursuing his passion, the founder Isber Abdo has been influenced by the love for music. He knew that competing with the big names in the industry was not going to be easy, and in fact it is not, but a man with a dream is almost invincible.


Since the brand release, Popclik has positively surprised the industry and its consumers. As a brand, we love what we do, giving our customers the best of us, as well as excellent components, all at a great price. Our vision is to make high quality products, with our efforts focused on getting more for less.


Our brand is born through the primate Alouatta species, defined as the most powerful land animal with its noise emission, producing howls heard up to 3 miles away. We have worked with the primates morphology to achieve a striking symbol with personality. A perfect combination of the power of our products and what we pursue as a trademark. ‘Simbo’ as we call it, has been born and a great brand is being forged.”